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Installation of Additional Drainage
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Following the successful completion the Gerry Toms Pavilion and the success of the earning potential of a 12 month a year club, the next project to be tackled was that of improving the drainage in the outfield. Following a couple of months of research into the optimum solution, it was decided that the Econoplas Ltd Aquadyne solution would be the most cost effective. Following a site visit in early April 2005 by Econoplas representatives and the analysis of thier investigations a design solution was produced and 3000 linear metres of Aquadyne were purchased. Aquadyne is a system invented by scientific research and utilises non bio-degradeable recylcable material to produce meter length, 45mm wide 250mm high blocks that provide natural channels for water to disperse through. With a capillary action of around 1.5m on the soil found at Dresselrigg, then these channels would be placed 3m apart. In order for Aquadyne to work, there has to exist an existing drainage network for the Aquadyne to deposit its water into. Fortunately our existing 10m apart drainage was still in full working order.

26th April 2005 - Day Two and the Trenches get Dug




The contractors begin to scar the outfield of Dresselrigg with 4" wide trenches. By the time they have finished, we will have had to remove the spoil from 3000 linear metres of trenching. Oh and the 1st league game is here on Saturday!!!

28th April 2005 - Day Four and the Aquadyne Arrives




Richard Hodgson and Jim start to insert the Aquadyne into the trenches, only another 2999 metres to go and we need to back fill them!! 15 pallets of the stuff, and 40 tonnes of loam to back fill them with. I reckon by the time we get that 200 tonnes of spoil removed and the 40 tonnes of earth filled in, it will be more than the trenches that will require backs fixed!!

(Pictures courtesy of Karl Hallett)




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