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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Where is the Club Based?

The club is based in Livingston, in the district of Murieston to the south of the town.

Q. What is the Club all about?

The primary objectve of the clubs constitution is to promote the sport of Cricket. Since the opening of the new pavilion in 2004 we are committed to playing a role in the local community, both on and off the playing field.  

Q. Who is Eligible to Join the Club and How DO I join?

The club is open to anyone willing to join. There are two basic types of membership. Playing and Non Playing (Social) membership. If you wish to play cricket or take part in any training, indoor or outdoors then you should have a playing membership. This includes juniors. If you wish to simply enjoy the social facilities available then you should have a Social Membership. Currently there are 8 categories of membership available:

  • Playing member
    • Senior Playing member
    • Youth Playing member
    • Junior Playing Member
    • Student Playing member
  • Honorary member
  • Associate (Social) non playing member
    • Individual Associate member
    • Family Associate member
    • Concession

If you wish to join or are looking for more information, then pop into the club pick up and fill in the application form available from the notice board. Please return the completed form (along with payment) to the club.

Q. What Will I Get in Return for my Social Membership?

A. Social membership will allow you to make use of the bar and lounge facilities at the club on any night that we are open. It will also entitle you to attend some of the many functions/events that we organise throughout the year. As a member you will receive preferential treatment for events that are ticketed (but obviously not guarantee you a ticket). Members of the club can also book the facility for other occasions (eg Christenings, meetings etc).

Q. How Many Members Does a Family Membership Cover?

A. Family membership covers up to 2 adults and all children U18 that live at the same address. (Persons over 18 living at that address are able to be added for an additional fee).

Q. If we have Family Membership then can our Children play cricket?

A. Yes. But once the child plays organised 'hard ball' cricket (ie U13s and above) then they will require their own playing membership. The costs of providing everything for playing cricket from club kit through to coaching through to pitches should be covered by playing members subscriptions and playing subscriptions are set based on anticipated costs and what the juniors get in return.

Q. Do I need to be a Member to be in the club or served Alcohol?

A. Under our licencing conditions we are ONLY allowed to serve alcohol to Members who are over 18. Guests of members are entitled to drink or buy alcohol at the bar ONLY if they have been signed in by the member and whilst the member is still in their company.  If you knowingly ask for alcohol without being a member or signed in, in the company of a member, then your are committing a crime.

Q. How many Times Can I sign in Guests?

A. Strictly there is no limit to how many times a guest can be signed in, nor to the number of guests a single member can sign in. However, we would hope that members do not abuse this policy and if a guest is being signed in on a regular basis then that member encourages the guest to take membership for themselves.

Q. What is the policy on Children within the Club?

A. We welcome children in the clubhouse. After 8pm U18s are not allowed to stand at the Bar or in the area to the North of the pillars in the clubroom. Unless in use, the changing rooms have a pool table and from time to time other entertainment, eg TV, Wii, games etc that children are welcome to use. We do ask that if children are staying beyond 8pm then consideration is given to other members and they are kept under supervision. There are safety issues we need to cover, so running around and noisy and disruptive behaviour should be discouraged.

Q. What is the policy on Smoking?

A. The club has a strict no smoking policy, and anyone wishing to smoke should do so outside the rear door. Please do not use the patio area for smoking. Please dispose of your cigarette ends thoughtfully.

Q. Who is Eligible to attend Social Events?

A. All members of the club, and their guests are entitled to attend any of the organised social events.

Q. Are Events Limited in Numbers?

A. Some are and some aren't. The clubhouse has a maximum capacity of 60, (a health and safety directive) so any indoor event is restricted. Some events are more popular than others and they are ticketed. Tickets tend to be sold on a first come, first served basis with members getting priority over guests.

Q. What Sort of Events does the Club hold?

A. Our events are varied and cover a wide range of tastes, including (but not guaranteeing!):

  • Monthly Quiz Nights
  • Film Nights
  • Bingo Nights
  • Wine Tasting Nights
  • Childrens' Hallowe'en Parties
  • Adults Hallowe'en Night
  • Fireworks Night
  • Children's Christmas Parties
  • Bringing in the Bells at Hogmanay
  • Adult Social Members Cricket Day
  • Race Nights
  • Annual Beer Festival
  • Annual Gala Day

Q. Where are the games played?

A. Home games are played at our Dresselrigg ground, on Murieston Valley. Away matches are played in or around Edinburgh, central Scotland and Fife. With the occasional trip to the Borders required.

Q. What is the Standard of Play Like?

  • The club runs 4 Adult teams and various Junior teams.
  • 2 Saturday XI league sides,
  • A Sunday XI,
  • A midweek XI
  • Junior teams from various ages

A. The 1st XI play in the 2nd division of the East of Scotland league (having spent over 10 years in division 1), which is a feeder league for the Scottish National Cricket League. The 2nd XI are currently playing in Division 5 of the same league, and combined with the Sunday Development team & Midweek friendly XI’s we can offer a varied standard of cricket to suit all players.

The Junior Teams play in a local league and cup competition. We also run sessions on a Wednesday evening for the younger members (aged 6 and above) where they get taught the basic skills and take part in Kwik Cricket. Several times a season we participate in Kwik Cricket Festivals giving Primary School kids the chance to play against other teams.

Q. Is there a Chance to have Net practice or Coaching?

A. Yes. Before the start of the season, usually in February, March and April, the club holds indoor practice and training sessions. From the end of April to the end of the season, outdoor practice and nets are held at our Dresselrigg ground on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings from 6.30pm onwards. Coaching is available on both of these evenings.

Junior practice is held on Wednesday evenings at the ground from end of April onwards at 6.30pm

Q. What Equipment Do I need?

A. Whilst most members will have their own equipment, the club has a selection of kit e.g. bats, pads, gloves and so on available for general use, so that you don’t necessarily need to have ‘all the gear’ to get started. All that is expected of you is that you turn up for matches preferably in white or light-coloured sports gear. If you are going to invest in anything, make it a pair of cricket boots with spikes since chasing a ball on a damp outfield or running on a damp wicket with slippy soles can have hilarious consequences!




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